I am...

My name is Lisa Marie Nelson but I usually go by 'Lisa' (unless I'm in trouble and then you can throw in the 'Marie'). 


I started out in life as an Oregonian but have lived in or visited nearly every state in the country (I'm coming for you, Alaska!). 

I've been a seeker my whole life - searching for the next big challenge or great job - but I've always wanted to help. At different times in my life I've been a scientist working on life-saving medicines, a marketer, a consultant, and even (briefly) a welder.

Don't let this blurb fool you. I am an unapologetic optimist and always seek to find the positives in any situation. But, my life has not been a smooth road. There have been plenty of potholes. Some of my own making (fear-based decision making, anyone?) and some that were out of my control.

Like being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28 - as a newlywed and a doctoral student - and being told that I had a 25% chance of surviving my tumor removal surgery.

Like staying in a broken marriage for more than seven years because I was too stubborn to "give up" even though it nearly cost me my life.

Like jumping from job to job because every time I was challenged or was faced with a "tough" boss I dove head-first into a shame spiral and sought the quickest way out - an escape hatch - because my internal chorus of self-criticism was deafening.

Like talking myself out of creating anything that wasn't immediately marketable - "Why bother painting or writing if I'm not Picasso or J.K. Rowling?", I'd ask.

It's taken real work, hard work, to make conscious-based choices, to live according to my values and not seek the world's approval. A lot of that work has been through coaching (and therapy and lots of chocolate) - so I'm not just a coach, I'm a coach-ee. I've stood where you stand and know what it will cost to take that first step.

And my work is far from over! As always, life is a journey not a destination and I work to follow my path every day. As the amazing Brene Brown might say, I am still "rumbling".

Besides being a coach, I'm also a triathlete, baker, foodie, writer, wanna-be farm girl, painter, consultant, hiker, intermittent yogi, knitter, daughter, sister, and friend. I cheer for Manchester City, the Pats, all things basketball and always cry when watching the Olympics. 

I am lucky enough to share my life with an amazing partner and two loveable & loving rescue dogs, Jordan and Kona.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive.
— Maya Angelou