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Your Core Energy Determines Your Potential

In the world of professional coaching, a lack of constructive, growth-oriented energy presents as the inability of a client to fully pursue their goals and life dreams. Until recently, there has been little research that considers the mechanisms of how energy influences quality of life.

This article presents the results of a quantitative study exploring the relationship between energy, coaching, and life satisfaction.


Core Energy Competencies and Leadership Potential

The Energy Leadership IndexTM 360 is a scaled assessment that measures a person’s Average Resonating Level of Core EnergyTM (ARL), leadership skills and traits, and life/work satisfaction. Baseline assessment data from 184 business leaders were analyzed to determine whether their level of Core Energy was significantly correlated with leadership competencies and satisfaction at work. Colleagues completed a parallel assessment to provide additional perspectives on the leaders’ capabilities.

The results indicated that leaders with a higher ARL and more constructive, anabolic energy were more confident in their leadership skills, more engaged at work, and experienced a higher level of overall satisfaction than leaders with a lower ARL and more constrictive, catabolic energy.


E-Factor Replication Study

The purpose of this current replication study, with a sample of 1,361 non-coach participants, is to replicate the study done in 2011 (Key Factor Revealed for Determining Success in Work and in Life, Karen A. Buck, MS & Diana Galer, PhD, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC February, 2011).

The results in this current replication study are consistent with the results from previous studies, with both indicating that people with higher E-Factors are more satisfied with all aspects of their lives and are able to engage in their activities and relationships with more energy and passion. Further, people with higher E-Factors (i.e., Anabolic Energy) were statistically significantly more satisfied on each of the 14 success indicators than people with low E-Factors (i.e., Catabolic Energy).


Impact of Corporate Catabolism

$328 billion lost from lower productivity ... 84% of workers are planning to look for a new job in 20112 ... 71% of workers are disengaged, or worse yet, actively disengaged

These statistics tell a sobering story about the current state of corporate America. Lack of employee engagement, decreased performance and productivity, and reduced bottom lines are well documented and reported often. Most likely, your own organization has experienced one or more of these phenomena.

  • How much might you be losing from lower productivity?

  • How many of your top performers and high potentials will you lose as the economy rebounds?

  • How many disengaged employees do you have?

  • How is that disengagement dragging down not only their own productivity, but the productivity, engagement, and morale of others around them?

These are important questions. What’s even more important, though, is the question that many leaders – and maybe you – are beginning to ask: “What can I do to reverse these trends?” In order to answer that, you need to first understand the cause of what’s happening, since solutions that don’t address the cause are merely short-term band-aids.


Raising Your Core Energy Can Lead to Financial Gain

A 2018 study from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) sheds new light on the effects of Core Energy Coaching™ on personal income and financial success. Core Energy Coaching is a process developed at iPEC which supports clients in expanding their awareness of how their thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about their work, home life, and community play a significant role in determining their lived experience.

By increasing their understanding of how they have manifested their current circumstances and the challenges with which they struggle, they are empowered to make new choices and more easily realize their goals and dreams.