Not everyone feels ready or able to devote an entire weekend to work on themselves and their life.  And, not everyone can commit to weekly coaching sessions.

I totally understand that!

So, I created the S.U.R.F. sessions: Mini-retreats that guide attendees through four steps: Stop, Uncover, Reframe and Fulfill. Like any good surf session, the goals here are self-discovery, a break from the daily grind, and fun!

S.U.R.F. sessions fit more easily into busy schedules. Locations vary but we usually convene virtually via video conference or around San Francisco at amazing venues that are easily accessible through a variety of transit options.

Can’t join us live? No problem, register for the session you’re interested in and I’ll send a link with the webinar recording.

Surf's up!


With our busy, crowded lives the first step to make change is to pause.

We start each session with a centering exercise, helping you to focus on YOU.


Each session focuses on a common limiting belief or barrier we all face. We’ll also spend time talking through techniques and practices for raising your consciousness and self-awareness


Once we've discussed and shared about common internal barriers, it's time to reframe those limitations as opportunities for growth. We'll identify strategies for addressing these in daily life.


We'll close out each session with an exercise designed to motivate and empower you to walk towards your dreams with purpose and accountability

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