You are the author of your life story.

Make it epic.

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
— C.S. Lewis

Here’s the great news. When you own your story, you get to write the ending.

That means that no matter where you are right now, when you own your story, you get to decide what’s next for you.

Maybe that’s making the transition from active military duty to civilian life. Maybe you’re navigating the transition from rehab to sober living. Maybe you’re trying to re-establish your life after serving time.

The point is: we all have a story we’d rather be living. We all have parts of ourselves that we’ve put aside and locked away to survive in this world.

What would it feel like to thrive? What would that new story be?

Stories are data with a soul.
— Brene Brown

It can be difficult to describe exactly what it is that I do.

Coaching and storytelling often seem like nebulous terms; descriptors like “transformation” and “living the life you want” are used so often it’s hard to know what it all means.

I specialize in helping people navigate transitions so that they can:

  • Reduce their stress and increase their life satisfaction

  • Confidently make decisions rather than feel paralyzed

  • Be more engaged in their life and work, breaking the avoidance cycle

  • Learn how to adapt to the many changes life brings

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Shhhh.


I have a process.

It works for everyone I’ve coached. It works every time I coach someone.

Using my S.U.R.F. process, I help clients assess their SITUATION to UNCOVER limiting beliefs, then RADICALLY transform their mindset and FORMULATE concrete plans to achieve what they want.

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Every person and every situation is unique.

When supporting clients through the S.U.R.F. process, I call on a variety of technique and skills to see optimal results. These include:

  • CoreEnergy coaching

  • Energy Leadership Index assessments

  • Cor.E Dynamics Transition coaching and access to the SCOPE assessment app

  • Visual, written, and verbal storytelling

  • Extensive personal, product, and organizational branding experience

  • Intuitive insights and empowerment

  • Athletic performance coaching and mindful movement

  • My own life experiences with change and adaptation (read on!)

Let’s get specific…what do I support clients with most often?

  • Transforming destructive self-narratives and finding their “why”

  • Effective communication/influencing without authority

  • Developing self-confidence and self-awareness

  • Enhancing productivity and fulfillment

  • Creating a conscious culture (in companies, teams, groups)

  • Developing a bespoke action plan for achieving their performance goals

Here’s what my clients are saying about our work together:

My biggest takeaways are: learning about what makes ME happy and making time for myself. Being proud of who I am and how I ‘show up’ in the world. You also helped me build my confidence
— Client N., Minnesota


My Story

There’s a great type of coach...a mysterious type that often goes overlooked, because what they do doesn’t look like coaching. It looks more like magic.

Because these people have the ability to alter someone’s destiny in the time it takes to eat lunch.

Their core skill is to see someone in a way they don’t yet see themselves; to give their lives a larger narrative, sense of belief, higher purpose.
— Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code

Lisa Marie Nelson, PhD, ACC, ELI-MP

Author / Coach / Consultant / Entrepreneur

Founder of the #ownyourstory Movement

Everything in my life - every bump or fork on the road - has prepared me to do this work.

For more than thirteen years, I helped companies tell the story of their products. I started my career as a scientist, educator, and brand strategist in the biotech/pharma industry.

Lisa Marie Nelson, PhD, CPC, ELI-MP

I’m bringing those skills into my practice and pairing them with CoreEnergy coaching.

I know what it feels like to be standing at the crossroads of your life, with big dreams and no idea how you’ll achieve them.

What transitions have I navigated?

  • Get that dream job? Yep.

  • Finish an Ironman? Oh, yeah.

  • Navigate surviving cancer? Uh-hunh.

  • Thrive after divorce? Yes.

  • Start new business? You got it.

  • Relocate to a new place and culture? Yes, ma’am.

I know what it feels like to think you don’t have what it takes to get through these challenges, whether they’re exciting or terrifying (or both!).

I know - I have proof - that we are all capable of creating and achieving anything in this one, precious life.

I’m grateful everyday for this work. I love coaching supporting people through life transitions.

I support people navigate these transitions in their life with a huge array of skills. From personal branding to CoreEnergy coaching and dynamic transitions mindset, to athletic coaching and mindful movement.

I am a writer and bibliophile. My first book is coming out Fall 2019 and I can’t wait to share it with you!

When I’m not coaching or creating, I am honored to spend my life with an incredible partner and two (spoiled) rescue dogs in the San Francisco Bay area.