Did I lose you at “energy”?

You’re skeptical. I get that. I was, too. Every other webpage seems to promise a quick-and-easy way to achieve all your goals, live the life of your dreams, lose weight, meet the perfect person for you, and more. Sounds great but a little “woo-woo”, right?

As a scientist myself, I struggled with this concept until I had a smack-the-forehead moment. We truly are energy. More specifically, electrons. And those electrons interact, do bizarre things (like exist in two places at once!), and provide the literal spark in our lives. So, why not learn to harness all that crazy-cool energy?

You have goals, things you want to accomplish, a way you want to show up in the world. You just can’t see how to get from “point A” to “point B”.

Magic pills or lottery algorithms or “top 10 how-to-tips” aren’t the answer for you. Let’s be real: we’re all smart enough to figure out how-to’s and tips. If that worked, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, am I right?

One day, a small, quiet voice in your head finally got your attention. You googled, bought books, listened to podcasts. But nothing seemed to change.

You’ve likely been frustrated, took actions outside your values, and felt burdened by self-doubt

This is ‘catabolic energy’. Catabolic means ‘to break down’. Living in catabolic energy for too long breaks down your ability to connect, see options and stay healthy.

YOU have the power to transform that catabolic energy into something that builds you up, nourishes you, enlightens you. Yes, that’s right, YOU have that power. YOU.

How do I know? Because I spent years numbing to avoid dealing with that small, quiet voice was telling me.

What does this look like? Over-eating, under-eating, obsessively exercising, shoe shopping, job hopping, racking up debt, and relationship bridge burning. You name it, I used it as an excuse. Now, don’t get me wrong I had a LOT of cute shoes, but when I found myself huddled under the covers, dreading my next breath, unable to see past the fog of my misery, I knew it all had to change.

So, I became a CoreEnergy coach, or as I like to say, an Energy Warrior!

I learned how to cut through all the B.S., to discover why and how we hold ourselves back. And, my mission is to help everyone I meet to become their own Energy Warrior.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a drop-10-lbs-in-a-week scheme. No guarantees here.

I’ll be in your corner, seeing your situation objectively, pushing you, challenging you, working with you to uncover your true potential (spoiler alert: your potential is unlimited!). I’ll tell you like it is.

Together we’ll reveal the fulfilling, joyful, abundant, breathtakingly amazing, kick-a$$ life that’s calling to you.

You can absolutely reach those dreams on your own - no question - it might take longer to get there, but you’ll make it…like taking the long twisty country road instead of the highway. Want to take the scenic route - do it! But, why wait? Why let one more day pass?

Ready to go? Click here to book a complimentary coaching session. You’re only 20 minutes away from more clarity, purpose, and energy in your life!